Park train

Park train
Park train


Dimensions of the attraction in working condition

Locomotive: length 3m * width 1.2m * height 2.3m

Car: length 1.6 m * width 1.2 m * height 1.9 m

Number of seats - 24 adults or 36 children

Maximum load per 1 seat - 300 kg per 1 car

Travel speed - Up to 7 km/h, adjustable by driver

The mains voltage is 60V.

Power - 4 kW.

Material - fiberglass, steel

Complete set - Locomotive + 4 cars

Installation requirements - Flat surface, slope no more than 10%

Age range - from 3 years


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The trackless train is in demand in parks and shopping centers. Adults and children, parents with children can ride it.

It is possible to reduce the number of cars to 3 or 2 (the price will change downwards).

The color can be changed according to your wishes.

The train is electric, silent. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The material from which the train and carriages are made does not fade in the sun.

The batteries are charged overnight. One charge lasts for 10-14 hours, depending on conditions.

There are headlights for driving in the dark, you can install smoke from the chimney and RGB illumination.

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